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Learning ExpressCE FAQs

What is Learning ExpressCE?

Learning ExpressCE is a software-as-a-service LMS (Learning Management System) that was built for the management and processing of CE (Continuing Education).

That’s the straight-forward answer. But we’ve built Learning ExpressCE to be very flexible to meet your needs. The primary functionality is to help you manage your CE program and allow you to effortlessly (even automagically) process your CE with accrediting bodies. Do you need help with managing video for your at home/enduring materials? Learning ExpressCE does that. Need help with managing live events? It does that, too. Tired of the headache of re-accreditation? Learning ExpressCE has the reports you need to simplify that process. Need to save some money, engage your audience, expand your reach? We can help with those and so much more.

What are the terms of your contract?

Like most software-as-a-service companies, we have a subscription service agreement. It is a one-year (typically) agreement that outlines expectations for both you and Continuing Education Network, Inc, the maker of Learning ExpressCE. We like to keep our agreements simple, just like our software.

How can Learning ExpressCE help our program grow?

One way is through our Martketplace feature. Through the Marketplace you can add programs from other Learning ExpressCE customers to expand your catalog, keeping 45% of each sale. You can also expand your audience by sharing the content you create with other Learning ExpressCE customers. You’ll receive 50% of every program sold on someone else’s site. And it takes just one click when you are setting up your program to share it.

Will I need an IT team to use Learning ExpressCE?

You shouldn’t. We’ve built Learning ExpressCE for the non-technical user. With easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get editors for your programs and your public website, we’ve made it as easy as using a word processor. Plus we’ll make sure you have the training and support you need.

What is included in your price?

Everything. All features and functionality, all data storage fees, training, support, a public website… everything.

How will Learning ExpressCE save me money?

First, Learning ExpressCE integrates all the features you need in one tool. There’s no need to have multiple platforms and accounts and the cost involved with those. It will also save you time, which is most likely your highest cost. In fact, we’ve found the many users save up to 20 hours per week compared to their previous processes, giving them time for other things. We also believe we have the lowest cost of entry for any CE management solution, starting as low as $1,999 for our annual subscription fee.

Why should I choose Learning ExpressCE?

You want to do business with someone who understands what you do, right? We are CE providers ourselves ( and this platform grew from our distribution system. It has all the features you need integrated into one platform yet is still quite simple to use. We believe it can save you time, save you money, simplify your CE management, expand your audience, and increase your revenue, all for an affordable price. Our mission is to help you be even more successful.

Learning ExpressCE

Learning ExpressCE is the simple, affordable CE management system with all the tools you need: registration, payment, CE delivery and processing, marketing, surveying, reporting and more.

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